Happy Mothers Day 2017

Flowers are a standard Mother’s Day gift all over the world and I’m thinking about carnations, the traditional American symbol for Mother’s Day. Pink and red were given to the moms in our lives while white flowers symbolized mothers who had passed on.  Carnations (known as “Pinks” in the horticulture world) are incredibly hardy plants – they’re perennials so they withstand tough seasons to bounce back year after year, they’re long-lasting, and they’re lovely. Sound like anyone you know?

Much of my design work is inspired by Scandinavian tradition (where Mother’s Day is the last Sunday of the month) and the ways in which I can mix it up with my own ideas. I invite you to do some Mother’s Day mixing with me by entering your mom (or your very deserving mom-self!) in this month’s fabric giveaway, inspired by those pink and red carnations!

I’ll be giving away a red and white fat quarter stack for Mom’s Day and picking a random number on Saturday morning! Just leave a comment on the Happy Mother’s Day 2017 Facebook post before Friday (May 12th) at midnight.

I hope that you have the opportunity to spend some time with, or thinking about, your mom. If you are a mom, I hope you have some time to spend with, or think about, yourself! And there’s no harm in giving yourself a big bouquet of flowers, carnations or otherwise this month!


“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws”

- Barbara Kingsolver