Midsummer Hearts

Simply "Midsummer"

Midsummer you ask? In the Nordic countries... Midsummer (i.e. the Summer Solstice - also known as the longest day of the year), is celebrated with as much zest as the winter holiday season, perhaps even more! It’s a time to do some deep cleaning and decorate with fresh flowers and greens. It's a time for sailboats, cookouts and bonfires on the beach. Midsummer, simply put is about enjoying long days with friends and family and taking a long awaited - warm weather holiday.

That being said, in light of the horrible event that took place in Orlando last weekend, this year feels a bit more somber (okay - a lot more somber). If you haven't heard - the Modern Quilting Guild is organizing a quilt drive to send some love to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings and their families. The theme is rainbow hearts, so if you're so inclined, make a few blocks, or heck... a whole quilt! For me, it feels like the right place to be on this midsummer's eve...  in my studio, making hearts.



Wishing you a peaceful summer filled with family and friends... after all, what else truly matters?